Test for the LiveUser class

This example is intended to be used with the Auth/MDB2 and the Perm/MDB2_Complex driver.

To set this up follow these steps:

  1. Copy the files in this directory into your web root.
  2. Configure your DSN and the PEAR path in the conf.php.
  3. Make sure you read README in the examples root folder.
  4. Importing demodata.xml to your test database using the demodata.php script

If you want to test this example in your local path with out installing LiveUser in PEAR on your server then uncomment these two lines in main.inc.php and point $path_to_liveuser_dir to live user dir :)

$path_to_liveuser_dir = './pear/'.PATH_SEPARATOR;
ini_set('include_path', $path_to_liveuser_dir.ini_get('include_path'));

Go for it.

Login Data for this Example:

Handle Group Password
admin ADMINS test
userA GroupA+B test
userB GroupA test
userC GroupB test